Frazer Mitchell Trio.....

About the Trio...

When booking the Frazer Mitchell Jazz Trio you can expect everything from easy listening Jazz numbers to up-tempo swing. If the occasion suits, there is even an extensive soul and pop set. This means that whether your event- from a corporate function, to a wedding,  you can be certain that The Frazer Mitchell Jazz Trio will deliver a sophisticated ambience, carefully adapted to the requirement of you and your guests.  

Indeed, since the bands' creation, they have played at many very varied Corporate events and Weddings in Edinburgh and all across Scotland.  To name a few these include: Ingliston racetrack Revival (Car show) Business in the Community Scotland awards (National Musuem Edinburgh) , Forth Bridges Festival, numerous events on the Barges based on the union canal at Ratho, and the National youth choir of Scotland Christmas celebration (St Thomas' Church Edinburgh) 

But how will the band approach my event?......

The Frazer Mitchell Trio's choice of songs to play at your event will be very carefully selected. Over the years,  songs have been tried and tested, ensuring that only the best make the Trio's Set list. Frazer, the band leader will engage in a careful consultation with you to ensure that the band are well placed to meet the requirements of your event. For example, the band has played at weddings where laid back Jazz has been requested prior to the wedding ceremony, then classical Piano for only the Wedding ceremony, followed by uptempo swing thereafter. Such arrangements are commonplace and indeed the band prides itself on its versatility...

Want some more detail?....

The following list is where we break down each genre of music we perform and how it will work for your event....

Easy Listening Jazz

This is the most popular genre of Jazz.  It contains songs that guests of all ages will know- or will at least know the melodies. These are mostly upbeat and contain many 'classics' that were sung by artists such as Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. In addition, this 'mainstream' style is particulary effective in creating that sophisticated presence that your guests will love. As this style appeals to a wide audience, this genre represents is what the band draws upon most when playing at any event.

Advent-Garde and Cool Jazz

Straying somewhat from the mainstream, this genre creates an extra layer of elegance to your event. The music contained here is adventurious musically, the repertoire containing works from Charles Mingus, John Coltrane and the like. This part of the set is also carefully crafted to add that extra degree of class and sophistication to your event.

Pop and Soul

Becoming more mainstream again, this part of the set contains songs that span the 1970's-2000's. Not only are these songs well known to your guests and popular for the dancefloor, the Jazz Trio's careful unique arrangement of them ensures the ambience is fun yet sophisticated.

Remember too, the band are well versed in catering for a wide range of  song requests- (Up to 10 requests can be accomodated for). We've never declined to play any song as of yet!

Band line-up options

Jazz Trio- Piano, Double Bass and Drums

Jazz Quartet- Piano, Double Bass, Drums, Female Vocalist

Other options include having just solo Piano for one part of your event- For example, a Wedding ceremony.

The Frazer Mitchell Jazz Trio regularly play at events in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland. Contact us today to enquire about booking..